IWINAC 2011 · Session New Challenges in Brain-Machine Interfaces

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Date(s) - 2011/06/20
All day


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Session organizer José M. Azorín, Director Brain Machine Interface Systems Lab, UMH and Eduardo Iáñez, Researcher at BMI Systems Lab, UMH.

Site: http://www.iwinac.uned.es/iwinac2011/


This interdisciplinary meeting, with focus on the interplay between Nature and Computation, expands the scope of neural computation at the physical level to cope with symbols and knowledge level models of cognitive and social processes. The global purpose is to offer a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas between scientists and engineers from fields such as Electronic Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computation, Artificial Vision, Situated Robotics, Neurophysiology, Cognitive Science, Linguistics and Phylosophy, trying to contribute to the answer of two basic questions:

I: From Computation to Sciences of Natural.
What can Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Knowledge Engineering (KE) contribute to the understanding of Nervous System, Cognitive Processes and Social Behavior? This is the scope of Computational Neuroscience and Cognition, which uses computation to model and improve our understanding of natural phenomena.
II: From Sciences of Natural to Computation.
How can Engineering, Mathematics, Computation, AI and KE find inspiration in the behavior and internal functioning of physical, biological and social systems to conceive, develop and build-up new concepts, materials, mechanisms and algorithms of potential value in real world applications? This is the scope of the new Bionics, known as Bioinspired Engineering and Computation, as well as of Natural Computing.