BCI Hackathon Your Brain on Art 2017

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A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) hackathon will take place at the Hotel Balneario Las Arenas, Valencia (Spain) on September 10-13, 2017, in the framework of the 2017 International Conference on Mobile Brain-Body Imaging (MoBI) and the Neuroscience of Art, Innovation and Creativity.
Hackathons are brainstorming and collaborative marathons designed to rapidly produce working prototypes. In this hackathon, groups will be organized to develop some artistic BCI projects with the support of EEG companies. Brain Products and g.Tec will provide EEG devices to be used for the participants to develop their prototypes. An award sponsored by the IEEE Brain Initiative will be given to the best artistic BCI project. In addition, Emotiv has donated one Emotiv Epoc+ as a prize for the hackhaton. This hackathon forms part of the BR41N.IO hackathon series – THE BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACE DESIGNERS HACKATHON.
For the Art BCI projects neuroscientists, artists and engineers will work together to develop prototypes that challenge the norm on BCI and art standards of innovation.
More information about the hackathon including the list of proposed projects is available in Your Brain on Art website.
The registration for the hackathon is 300€ and includes Monday and Tuesday lunch, Welcome and Gala Dinner, coffee breaks and social activities. The number of participants for the hackathon is limited. If you are interested in participating in the hackathon, please, send your CV to  by May 31, 2017.