Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics 2018

Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics 2018

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Our director José M. Azorín has been invited as a speaker to the International Seminar on Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics 2018. The Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics 2018 (RAR) seminar aims at discussing the pertinence and the feasibility of the establishment of human-robot interfaces to enhance assistive and rehabilitation device’s interaction performance. We invite participants from a variety of backgrounds (i.e. physiotherapist, physiatrist, engineers, scientist, patients, clinical researchers and industry) to share their experiences on the requirements and challenges implementing and deploying rehabilitation and assistive robotics in the context of developing countries.

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  • Paper submission: May 29th 2018
  • Free Registration: May 29th 2018
  • Notification of Acceptance: June 8th 2018
  • Seminar: June 29th 2018

Main Topics

  • Exoskeletons and Assistive Devices
  • Prosthetics and orthotics
  • Human-in-the-loop Control of Robotic Systems
  • Human-Robot Interfaces
  • Brain machine interfaces in rehabilitation
  • Novel Sensors and Actuators for Human-Robot Interaction
  • Case Studies, Experiments, Ethics and Outreach
  • Objective Measures: How to Quantify Efficacy, Safety and Intuitiveness in Human-Robot Interaction?

More information: WebsiteRegistrationInformation in spanish on the Reasiste site.