Red Temática de Investigación en Neurotecnologías para la Asistencia y la Rehabilitación · NeuroTec · DPI2015-69098-REDT

Stroke and spinal cord injury are two of the main motor disorders that lead to physical deterioration as a result of damage to the human nervous system in Western society. These injuries usually interrupt sensory and motor pathways, which leads to motor problems that cause a loss of the individual’s independence in the development of their daily activities. In recent years, there has been a scientific effort to develop neurotechnologies to improve the quality of life of people with these motor disorders, such as brain-computer interfaces or robotic exoskeletons. The objective of these neurotechnologies is, on the one hand, to promote rehabilitation therapies in those patients who can recover or improve lost mobility, and on the other hand, to provide them with assistance tools when a motor problem is permanent.

The general objective of this network is to establish a broad working forum to enable and facilitate cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between actors involved in Spain working in the development of neurotechnologies for the rehabilitation and care of patients with neurological damage. The main contributions that are expected from the activity of the Network are to generate advances in the knowledge about neurotechnologies that lead to the development of innovative products in the field of assistive technologies and rehabilitation that improve the quality of life of patients with damage neurological, favoring the integration of results to generate ambitious initiatives that would be unapproachable separately, establishing cooperation and coordination actions with related international networks and associations, which lead to the formation of consortiums to participate in future calls for the H2020 Program, and enable the transfer of achievements and advances obtained to other fields of health, science and society in general.
NeuroTec has developed a collection of the main Spanish companies in Neurotechnology, and the evaluation of a Master focused on this subject.

  • Title and Reference: Red Temática de Investigación en Neurotecnologías para la Asistencia y la Rehabilitación DPI2015-69098-REDT
  • Research Centers: Brain Machine Interface Systems Lab UMH | Centro Tecnológico CARTIF | Instituto Cajal, CSIC | BIOART, UPC | Grupo Diana, UM |
  • Duration: 01/12/2015 al 30/11/2017
  • Financial Entity: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
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